Episode 267

Published on:

11th Jan 2024

Do Not Blame the Babadook (Boogeymen and Boogeyboys Through the Ages)

THIS WEEK: The Boogey Man (1980), Boogeyman (2005), The Boogeyman (2023)

A boogeyman (or bogeyman if you're a little freak who can't spell) is a placeholder term for every faceless generic monster living under a bed or in a child's closet. It's only appropriate that when a boogeyman film is made it serves as a catch-all for whatever the hot horror trends of the moment are.

Join us as we explore cinematic boogeymen through the ages, try to figure out what Ulli Lommel's deal was, mourn the 7th Heaven Cinematic Universe that never was, and speculate on whether horror films will finally explore a theme other than grief and trauma or if we're stuck in a Babadook/It Follows black hole for all of eternity.

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